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Our beliefs are simple...

  • We believe ALL people deserve respect.
  • We believe that judgment sucks.
  • We believe that sex work is real work.
  • We believe that those in the industry have the right to identify themselves in terms that best reflects their relationship with it.
  • We believe in addressing misconceptions about sex work and those working within the industry.
  • We believe that agency and empowerment go hand in hand.
  • We believe that coerced and forced sex work exists.
  • We believe that conflating sex work and trafficking is dangerous for both sex workers and survivors.
  • We believe in risk reduction.
  • We believe that caring requires a holistic approach.
  • We believe that telling our own stories can impact others.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices.
  • We believe that all are welcome. No exceptions.
  • We believe that everyone needs more options.
  • We believe that everyone needs allies and advocates.
  • We believe that each person deserves to set their own agenda.
  • We believe that learning from those in the industry means better support and services for everyone.


Your goals. our support. It’s that simple.