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Abeni exisits to create a safe, confidential place for those working in the Orange County sex trades, as well as those being domestically sex trafficked.

We aim to be a present source of revelant, relational, and holistic support for those who are working or have worked in the adult entertainment industry...

Some of us at Abeni remember what it was like when we were in the sex industry. Sometimes we just wanted a friend, someone to walk alongside us with no expectations, with no agenda, and no ulterior motives. Some of us really enjoyed our time in the industry, as well as the flexibility and economic freedom it offered. When we decided that we wanted to change our circumstances, we needed emotional encouragement and contacts to find jobs, housing, educational opportunities, and social circles. We needed access to services and resources, but we didn't know where to get them. That's why we're here now.

While we heard lots of people outside the industry talking about the industry, we realized that not a lot of people were listening to those currently in the industry.  We knew that we needed to listen to their stories, see the world through their lens, and learn from their experiences.

The understanding that resulted changed everything for us and helped shape Abeni into who we are now, as well as who we’re committed to becoming in the future.